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Customer Success Specialist:

Customer Success Specialist The Clinical Effectiveness (CE) division of Wolters Kluwer Health is a rapidly expanding, innovative healthcare information technology (HIT) provider that is at the forefront of clinical care. Our highly skilled team of product visionaries, physicians, and pharmacist editors works together to deliver cutting-edge clinical decision support solutions that assist medical professionals give their patients the best care possible in a way that can be measured.

The goal of CE is to enhance healthcare globally. In order to realize this goal, CE has made an effort to comprehend the difficulties that providers and clinicians face as they adapt their workflows to meet shifting regulatory payment requirements while still attempting to provide high-quality and efficient treatment. You will answer to the Customer Success Manager in Wolters Kluwer’s Health division in this role that allows you to work remotely.

Crucial Tasks

Within a multifunctional team, the Customer Success Specialist, Implementation plays a critical role in promoting success and significant use of the Clinical Effectiveness (CE) product suite. They are in charge of optimizing the implementation of current products and implementing new ones. Under the supervision of Customer Success Management and Sales, they carry out the strategy, implementation, and performance optimization activities to guarantee that customer needs are recognized and met, expectations are reached and surpassed, and renewals are realized. Click here


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Project Planning and Execution

Create efficient strategies with defined targets and milestones for client installations and use, including tasks related to implementation and optimization. A multidisciplinary team (Systems Implementation, Customer Support, Enterprise Support, Research & Analytics, Lifecycle Marketing, etc.) and various activities (access planning, configuration, and execution; training & onboarding; communication plans & digital programs; reporting, etc.) must ensure the coordinated execution of tasks.

To create and match prioritized project plans with defined milestones and goals for assigned accounts, comprehend and uncover customer needs, initiatives, and deployment opportunities.

Give suggestions and feedback on how well client project plans are working, including implementation and optimization tasks, so that client project leads can proactively modify plans to ensure successful deployment and proper execution.

Project strategies for use and implementation, including risk assessment, gap analysis, and escalation, should be monitored and reviewed.

Report to internal stakeholders and client leadership on the effectiveness and progress of the strategies.

Create a workflow design and configure the product, taking into account customer branding and customization.

Organize customer orientations and training sessions.

When necessary, collaborate with the engagement manager to carry out the implementation of the supporting activities.

Consulting for projects and best practices Work together amongst internal teams to support success and renewal, efficiently manage client expectations, and preserve the health and well-being of allocated accounts.

Inform clients about best practices and promote their adoption.

Conduct interviews and observe clients to create processes, programs, and rollout strategies that cater to specific client requirements and enhance CE’s reputation.

Utilize tools (reports, case studies, client references, etc.) to earn and retain customer support as you collaborate with clients to create utilization objectives and measure performance during implementation.

Continuous assistance

Provide the client with ad hoc advice and utilization support.

Perform as assigned on ad hoc tasks.


A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a comparable level of expertise is preferred.

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