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Senior Customer Service (finance jobs):

Finance Jobs Prospero’s is a cutting-edge financial platform that enables over 400 million Spanish-speaking consumers in the Western Hemisphere to manage their money while caring for their families in Latin America and the United States. The unbanked and underbanked will be brought into the contemporary financial system by substituting expensive remittances with an affordable, quick, and secure option that also enables users to save for their future financial needs. We are a seasoned leadership-founded firm that received initial funding and plans to go public in 2019. Our goal is to create a high-growth organisation with a dynamic, cooperative, and creative culture. Click here


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Answer inquiries from clients, get input, and resolve or escalate problems

Sustain a feedback loop to promote ongoing development.

Collaborate with internal teams to design and improve initiatives, metrics, record-keeping systems, and instructional materials.

Deliver the Prospero’s value proposition in an autonomous, effective manner while clearly communicating the product’s characteristics to current customers in Spanish.

Priorities and efficiently handle several customer escalations at once.

Continue to be well-versed in the characteristics of the Prospero’s product.

Keeps your Zen desk ticketing system records and communication history accurate and up to date?

Recognize the difficulties faced by your clients and advocate on their behalf with other teams.






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