Fund Raisisng Manager – NGO Job

Fund Raisisng Manager – NGO Job:

Fund Raisisng Manager – NGO Job The job is located at the head office and will involve fundraising for grants, marketing and branding, interacting with the outside world, public relations, and working with the media. In order to secure programmatic and general donations for the organisation, the individual will assist in promoting and projecting the company’s here


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Kindly welcomes customers, directs them to the appropriate beauty station, and notifies the designated beauticians of their arrival

Make and confirm phone and email appointments.

Serve drinks and strike up a conversation with those who are waiting.

Accept walk-ins, respond to inquiries about services, and, depending on availability, make appointments

Notify customers of new offerings and services

When applicable, cross-sell goods and services (e.g. through informational brochures and gift cards)






1  year


Full Time

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Islamabad, Islāmābād, Pakistan

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