General Production

General Production:

General Production Every day at your designated start time, we expect you to report to work. Observe all corporate guidelines and directives. Observe the directives of managers and supervisors. Possess the capacity to cooperate and get along with people. All JBS workers are expected to work hard and have a strong desire to develop professionally. Click here


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Work in cold or moist (35–45 degrees) environments.

Work in places where you must push, pull, or lift fifty pounds.

able and willing to put in extra time when needed

ready and willing to work a rotational Saturday schedule

able and willing to operate in a fast-paced workplace while making repetitive hand and body movements. It may take five to six weeks for the body to properly acclimate to the conditions, surroundings, and job descriptions of physically demanding occupations.


Any Graduation

Job Category:

Private Job

Job Location:

Pipestone, MN 56164 USA

Job type:


Pay Range:

$19 an hour


Lastly, beware of fraudulent hiring practices. Never pay an employer if they want payment for anything; instead, contact us through our contact form. Furthermore, apply according to the guidelines and deadlines listed in the official job posting. However, you cannot apply for government jobs online in this location.Typing errors by humans are possible. They are excluding errors and omissions for more jobs



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