Product Manager

Caterchoice (UK) Ltd

General Sales Manager (product manager):

Product Manager The general sales manager (GSM) is in charge of directing and leading the sales force in order to meet the goals and objectives set forth by the business. The GSM will create strategic plans for sales, see to it that they are carried out, and keep an eye on sales results. A dynamic leader with a track record of success in sales management, strong communication abilities, and the capacity to uplift and inspire a team is required for this position. Click here


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Create and carry out strategic sales strategy to meet company goals for goods and services.

Establish sales goals and project monthly, quarterly, and yearly income sources.

Examine market trends and modify sales tactics as necessary.

Assemble, develop, and oversee a top-notch sales force.

Establish performance benchmarks and carry out frequent assessments of performance.

Give the sales personnel opportunity for professional growth, continuous coaching, and feedback.




Bachelor’s degree in business


3 years



Category / Sector:


Job Location:

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Total Vacancies:




Pay Range:

RS 90,000 – RS 100,000 a month


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