Summer Our greatest resource at Saputo is our workforce. We are a skilled and compassionate group with a solid track record of accomplishments. By adhering to the ethos that distinguishes us, we have expanded into a preeminent worldwide dairy processor since our early days of distributing cheese on bicycles. From our manufacturing facilities to our office locations and all points in between, every one of our staff members is dedicated to upholding our history of care, quality, and passion through food. Together, we create an atmosphere where we can all make contributions that matter. Click here


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Handle and keep an eye on the machinery supporting the cheese-making process. Pasteurizers and cheese-making equipment are included in this (HCV, EFV, Towers, Boxer)

Help warehouse operations by using a forklift to move products and packages.

Observe SOPs and sanitary procedures.

Examine the product visually for flaws or problems as soon as it is received, processed, and packaged.

To make well-informed judgments that maximize the processes and storage of cheese production, gather and analyze data.

As necessary, coordinate with other operators, managers, and departments to guarantee seamless operations.


possess a minimum of one year’s experience in manufacturing production, ideally in the food or dairy industries. Exhibit initiative and excellent interpersonal communication abilities.

Show that you have quality-conscious and safe work habits.

able to compose regular letters and reports

Possess the mathematical abilities to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in order to verify that machines are running properly.



Job Location:

Black Creek, WI USA

Job type:

Part -time

Pay Range:

$18.42 an hour


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