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Technical Manager:

Technical Manager We are the charitable organization responsible for maintaining and revitalizing 2,000 miles of rivers in England and Wales because we think that being near water improves quality of life. Every position within the Trust contributes to the transformation of our rivers and canals into places where the community wants to hang out and feel better, improving millions of people’s quality of life.

A position as a Marine Engineering Quality & Technical Manager is presently open, therefore please apply. This position will manage the technical input that supports BSS decision-making and assist in the development and implementation of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) strategy, as well as supporting BSS Business, Quality management, Budget & Finance Plans. Click here


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Assist in making sure that the BSS Requirements consistently reflect the most practical, acceptable minimum safety requirements for boats utilizing the harbors and navigations of the authorities we represent.

Oversee BSS activity teams, which comprise coworkers from the BSS Office, specialized contractors, and consultants, as well as the Technical, Quality Assurance, and Training teams.

When such people or organizations assist the BSS Risk Management Process, Examiner Development Strategy, and/or Examiner training programs, commission and collaborate with them.

Oversee the ongoing creation and implementation of the BSS Examiner Development Strategy to guarantee that BSS Examiners apply the requirements in a consistent and efficient manner. as determined by the feedback and examination of BSS Forums

Control the use of the BSS Risk Management Process to achieve suitable risk management outcomes at BSS Forums. This will assist guarantee that hazards associated with boats that are’real’ and acknowledged are recognized and adequately handled. as determined by the feedback and examination of BSS Forums


Possess a degree in a suitable engineering field, such as marine or craft engineering.

Chartered engineer or a similar designation (a professional membership in engineering or surveying is preferred).

Significant senior-level experience in the design, building, or systems of recreational craft and/or marine engineering.

Shown expertise in quality assurance standards and procedures, including accreditation, certification, and auditing. EFQM-assessor training is ideal.

Computer literate, with familiarity with suitable Windows applications as well as CRM and business ecosystem tools.

A self-assured speaker with exceptional presentation and negotiation abilities, as well as leadership and influence.



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Wellesbourne Distribution park, Loxley Rd, Warwick CV35 9JY, UK

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Full – time

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