Welding Supervisor

Welding Supervisor:

Welding Supervisor Examine the specifications and carry out pre-planning for the job (work sequence, qualified personnel availability, WPS availability, welding, preheating, and PWHT equipment availability, including temperature indicators and chart recorders, back-purging requirements and plans as necessary, and welding consumable estimation). Create and evaluate a project risk analysis. To formalise the best use of yard resources and equipment, develop and assess fabrication plans and build strategies that take into account work and environmental circumstances (temperature, rain, wind protection requirements, ergonomics, and accessibility to weld). Prior to beginning work, make sure the qualifications of the welding operators and welders are valid and appropriate, that the WPS essential parameter range is appropriate, that the parent material is identified, that welding consumables are appropriate, and that the right working and environmental conditions are in place. Click here


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Fundamental understanding of NDE and NDT methods.

Extensive familiarity with a wide range of brazing and welding techniques.

A basic understanding of both non-ferrous and ferrous materials.

Knowledge and comprehension of techniques for reducing stress.

Minimum International Welding Specialist (IWS) certification in accordance with ISO14731, as well as any other credentials that are comparable or internal DDW Welding Supervisor training.

AWS D1.1, ASME VIII, ASME IX, ISO 15614, ISO 9606, ISO 3834-2, EN 1090, IACS Rec.47, DNVGL-OS-C401, EEMUA 158, and other international welding, offshore fabrication, and shipbuilding standards are all well-known to you.

Extensive familiarity with the naming systems, handling, utilisation, control, ordering, estimate, and consumption monitoring of welding consumables.

Proficiency in preheating and interpass control monitoring, encompassing diverse heat treatment procedures.

Possess a fundamental understanding of project management, planning, and Microsoft Office




Bachelor of Technology/Engineering


5 – 14 Years


Full Time

Category / Sector:

Private Job

Job Location:

Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Total Vacancies:



Any Nationality

Pay Range:         

Decided in interview


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